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Review by DC Outlook’s Peter Freeman


Maryland graduate student directs full-length documentary about 

mistreatment of journalists by Josh Magness for  The Diamondback


Speakers Focus on Media Suppression in Latin America


American University’s School of Communication


Interview by The Southern Documentary Fund


Could (Should) US eliminate El Chapo?


Violent Threads: From Routine Murder to High Fashion


CUCALORUS 2012: Work-in-Progress ‘Uncensored’ has

wide audience participation






"UNCENSORED is a powerful documentary that examines the grave risks faced by Colombian journalists covering the cocaine trade in that South American nation. In recent decades, Colombia has been one of the most dangerous countries in the world for journalists and, having covered the war on drugs in Colombia myself, I can attest to the bravery of those Colombian reporters who lay their lives on the line everyday. This film highlights the importance of having a free press capable of challenging powerful forces that threaten to undermine freedom and democracy.”

Garry Leech, Investigative Journalist and Author of seven books including Beyond Bogotá: Diary of a Drug War Journalist in Colombia



“UNCENSORED is a badly needed film right now. Journalists are on democracy’s front-line defenses, an indispensable bulwark against corruption, human rights abuse and authoritarianism. But from Latin America to the Middle East, they are under assault from dictators, politicians making power grabs, and — increasingly — organized crime. Telling the story from Colombia, “UNCENSORED” reminds us how much we owe brave reporters, and how important it is that honorable people all over the world support them.” 

Adam Isacson, Senior Associate for Regional Security Policy at WOLA



“Reporting the truth often comes at a price. For journalists operating under the threat of violence, that price can be physical harm, psychological harassment, exile, unwarranted incarceration or even death to themselves or their loved ones. Journalists who risk their lives in the pursuit of truth deserve our praise and thanks. But they also deserve our support in their constant battle to report the news without fear or reprisal.” 

Andy Alexander, Former Washington Post ombudsman/ Journalist/ Consultant



“I think a look at how the Colombian journalists operated and what they went through and able to do in very difficult circumstances is enormously important particularly in Latin America right now. If you look across Central America where all the best journalists have been silence or have been put out of business or finance grants fro outside the region. Local press can barely keep its head above water doing investigative journalists…I think there is a tremendous urgency to understanding what Colombia did. Why it was able to do what they did. Why the journalists did what they did and learn some of those lessons going forward.” 

Douglas Farah, American journalist, author and national security consultant



“The documentary tackles a critical issue in contemporary Colombia – the impact of violence on press and journalism. It raises awareness about the conditions and challenges that civic-minded journalists confront to do their job amidst political violence. Martinez offers a nuanced and compelling story on why journalism matters when peace is needed.” 

Silvio Waisbord, Professor, Editor-in-Chief, International Journal of Press/Politics (School of Media and Public Affairs, George Washington University)



“UNCENSORED analyzes a dark part of Colombia’s history, namely the violence, ranging from harassment to murder, that journalists suffered throughout the 1980s in their quest to do their duty. This is an essential and highly-pertinent documentary for anyone interested in journalism and the history of narco-violence in Latin America from Escobar’s Colombia to today’s troubling developments in Mexico.”  

W. Alejandro Sanchez, Research Fellow at Council on Hemispheric Affairs.







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